Classroom sensory toolkit

Classroom sensory toolkit

As a new academic year start it is an ideal opportunity to think about your classroom environment and how you can build sensory regulating strategies and opportunities into the day for all pupils to help them be ready to learn. I am often asked what equipment is needed within the classroom, so here are some classroom essentials.

Therapy ball or peanut roll

Classroom sensory toolbox

Simple and inexpensive piece of equipment that provides vestibular and proprioceptive input.


Great for sensory seekers.

Zuma chair

zuma chair

The zuma chair is a classroom favourite, provides linear vestibular input whilst sitting.

Tactile fiddle toys

Simple toys that help aid concentration.

Oral motor toys

Have a selection of oral motor toys and chewies available. Our mouth is a big regulator.


Provide a quiet area with large cushions and beanbags where pupils can go and chillout/regulate themselves.


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