Online training courses

I appreciate there are many online training courses to choose from and there is a huge variation in the way courses are delivered.  When you are booking on any of the courses, I want you to be able to make an informed choice as to the course’s suitability for your learning style and learning objectives, so I would like to share a little bit about my ethos in designing online courses.

“The course was amazing!  You have put so much effort and thought into creating such a positive online learning experience.  Don’t feel I missed out on anything by not physically attending, apart from cost of travel and hotel! “

Class teacher

In creating and delivering online courses I wanted to recreate, as much as possible, all the positive aspects of my onsite courses including the aspects of physically gathering and learning together as a group of participants.  One of my core beliefs is that for genuine understanding and learning to occur you, as the learner, need to be actively engaged in the learning process.    The courses are not going to be the right match for you; if you want to be a passive spectator, or just want to tick a box, or sit half-listening to a webinar with no camera or microphone on.

“Loved the use of breakout rooms and being with the same small group for the entire course. Really helpful to have the drop-in session to pop in and ask you questions”

Occupational Therapist

The following elements will be included in all online courses:

Pre course reading

Teaching sessions with active participation encouraged from the participants

Variety of methods and media used to deliver the course material

Breakout rooms to create a conducive environment for small group work online

Workshop activities working on scenarios initially then progressing to your own real-life cases/situations

Drop-in session to have the opportunity to ask questions (recreating the break/lunch time informal interactions at an onsite gathering)

Carefully planned scheduling of sessions to allow sufficient breaks away from the screen

Opportunity to see books and resources

A maximum number of 24 participants on each course.

“I only have one recommendation for Julia to improve in her presentation….continue doing what you’re doing!! “

Mental Health Practitioner

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information.  I am more than happy to discuss with you the suitability of any course for your learning needs.